About Us

CloudsDirect is your one stop partner for all your Cloud Computing needs. We are a group of passionate people with wide ranging experience from Cloud Computing to Open Source to Marketing to Business Development. We have more than a decade of experience with IT, acting as an IT department for many small and medium businesses. Our deep expertise in the field of Cloud Computing, with a wide ranging experience in SaaS, puts us in an unique position to help individuals and organizations leverage Cloud Computing to the maximum. Our team consists of world renowned experts in the field participating in research studies with various academic institutions and industry.

CloudsDirect Computing Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a privately held company based in Chennai, India. We have a globally distributed team ready to help clients using an infrastructure based on Cloud Computing technologies. We have a core research team analyzing and studying various Cloud Computing technologies to understand the technological, business and security implications. This team will assist our support team to develop frameworks for clients, based on their personal and/or business needs. Having a dedicated research team for this purpose puts us in an unique position to understand the risks associated with the business processes of the clients and offer them a framework with reduced risks.

We believe in following what we preach. We have based our entire business, including this website, on Cloud Computing technologies. Instead of having a traditional website like how it was before the dawn of Cloud Computing, we are using a wiki, hosted on Amazon.com's Cloud Computing environment, as our company's website. Not only that, we have integrated many SaaS applications in the Cloud, from many different vendors, into this website to offer various functionalites needed for our visitors. This, itself, is a perfect example to show our passion towards anything Cloud Computing. We also assure you that we rely totally on Cloud Computing technologies for all our business tasks outside of this website. If you want to know more about how we tap into Cloud Computing to run our company, please contact us.