Welcome to CloudsDirect, a reliable partner for all your Cloud Computing needs. Cloud Computing is not a buzzword in the industry. Rather, it is a new disruptive technology that changes the way we use computing resources. Gone are those days when we were struck sitting in front of our computer to manage both our personal and professional computing needs. Cloud Computing has liberated us from the need for powerful computer on our desks. We can now access all our applications and data from a browser in a Laptop or a mobile phone. We live in a hyperconnected world with a digital lifestyle different from previous generations. Such a lifestyle is not a luxury any more. It is an essential component of a successful individual or organization.

This transformative technology has pushed the limits, opening up new vistas. In order to take full advantage of this paradigm shift, individuals and organizations need help. This is where CloudsDirect comes into picture, acting as a low cost personal IT department for hyperconnected individuals, businesses and non-profit organizations.
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