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Hyperconnected Individual Plan

We offer only one individual plan suitable for freelancers, entrepreneurs, professionals, etc.. This plan may be suitable for one man businesses but it may not be useful for businesses with more than one employee/partner.

Hyperconnected Individual Plan:

This plan supports one user and it is suitable for individuals who want to tap into Cloud Computing for their personal and professional needs. This plan includes consultancy support for web presence, personal information manager, communications through the clouds, Cloud based productivity applications, storage, information management tools, publication tools, etc.. If you need further information on this plan, please contact us.

This plan comes with comprehensive consultancy services to get you started with various cloud based services and a one year support package to help you with the services as well as help you adapt to new technologies that come up during the plan period. You will always be using cutting edge technologies as long as you remain our client. If you want to order this plan, please contact us