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This list is a glossary of terms you might come across in this website or during conversation with our representatives.

  • Contacts Manager: An application to store all your contact information. It is like the addressbook in MSOutlook or Thunderbird but stored in the clouds and accessible through browser.
  • Calendar: Manage all your appointments, meetings, conferences, birthdays, payment due dates, etc. in the cloud and access through your desktop or laptop or mobile from anywhere in the world. You always know what you are up to next at all times.
  • To Do List: Don't miss a task and end up in a difficult situation. Put your todo items on the cloud and pull it from anywhere using any device.
  • Notes: Remember, post-it notes? Well, you can have a similar one for your web based activities. Just grab some information from a website which you will need to refer at a later time and add to the notes. You can always check back at your notes and get the information you want.
  • RSS Reader: Gone are those days when you visit a website again and again for updated information. WithRSS reader, the updated information will come to your desktop when you want.
  • Search Engines: Information about anything and everything is just a click away. With search engines at our disposal, we can find information about anything and everything.
  • Custom Search Engines: If you just want to search certain hand picked sites instead of the entire web, custom search engines will help.
  • Blogging Tools: Blogging is a tool to express yourself or your company. It is part of the social media toolkit to reach out to others. Companies around the world use this tool to reach out to their customers and potential customers.
  • Microblogging Tools: Don't have much to say, use microblogging tools to share your thoughts in a few sentences.
  • Status Message Tools: Use these tools to keep your followers and friends updated about your present status.
  • Geo-Location Tools: These tools helps users to update their location or location of important places either using sattellite or other means.
  • Podcasting Tools: Podcasting is nothing but audio blogging. You could reach out to others (including customers in the case of businesses) using podcasts.
  • Video Blogging Tools: As the name suggests, it is about using video as a medium to send information overs to audience, customers and, even, partners.
  • Screencasting Tools: Screencasting is a tool to create videos of "How Tos and Do it Yourself stuff". A very handy tool for businesses to demo their products.
  • DomainRegistration: Domain is your or your company's unique identifier. This is an essential tool to establish your brand (personal or company's) in the internet.
  • Web Hosting: Your website, databases, etc. are hosted on remote servers. Visitors can access information from your websites from these servers.
  • Email: The most important communication tool for interpersonal and business correspondence
  • Instant Messengers: As the name suggest chat instantly with your buddies or clients or partners or team in a remote location or from next room.
  • VOIP: WHy pay these telecommunication companies such exhorbiant fees if you can just do that with Voice Over The Internet.
  • Social Networking Tools: As the name suggests, these are tools for personal and professional networking purposes.
  • Productivity Suite: Online tools to take care of all your word processing, spreadsheet and presentation needs. Why spend hundreds of dollars on some bulky desktop software when you can have the same experience online for pennies.
  • Photo Editing and Storage: An easy way to edit and store photographs online so that you can easily share with family, friends, partners, clients, etc. with just a few clicks.
  • Video Editing and Storage: Video based information offerings are not the monopoly of television companies anymore. You and me can offer the same kind of programming to anyone and everyone in the world. All you need is an iota of creativity and the necessary tools are just in the clouds.
  • Backup Storage: If backup tapes were fossils, backup hard disk and USBdrives are relics. Backups in the cloud are not just the new fashion but it is the most secure and reliable way to do. Your data is in the clouds for your consumption from anywhere at anytime.
  • Invoice Manager: We have heard about paper based invoices from previous generations but who sends invoices as attachments to email anymore? Invoice as a service is the new trend where you shoot the invoice to your customer from the clouds.
  • Customer Relationship Management: Have you heard of those bulky and insanely expensive customer relationship management tools? Well, these powerful tools are now available on the cloud for fraction of what people were paying in the previous era.
  • Database and Reports: Remember Access from your grandpa era? Well, we don't use such relics anymore and we just dump our data into the clouds and take out reports in the most presentable form.
  • WebConferencing: Exit Seminar. Enter Webinar. New way to do your presentations for fraction of the cost.
  • Business Collaboration: Why needs an office anymore when you have such powerful collaboration tools on the clouds. Intranet is for grey haired people waiting to die. Wikis are for people waiting to innovate.
  • HRManager: Do they still hire Human Resources Manager? What a waste of expenditure. You now have tools on the cloud which can take care of the role of HRmanager.